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2002 Girls Successful at Heart of York Tournament

August 9, 2015: The North Bay Selects U13 Girls Soccer Team had a successful weekend in Newmarket at the Heart of York soccer tournament.  These young women, with a team core that has been together since 2011, gelled well with a couple of call-ups to go undefeated through the round-robin portion of the tournament on Saturday.  Playing teams from Georgina (Lake Simcoe S.C.), Unionville (Unionville-Milliken S.C.) and Stouffville (Whitfield-Stouffville S.C.), the North Bay squad finished the day with a 2-0-1 win-loss-tie record.

First up were the Lake Simcoe Red Devils.  Despite the 8:00AM start, the girls came out strong and won 2-1.  Less than three hours later, the team was back on the field against the eventual tournament champion Unionville-Milliken Strikers, who are one of the top two teams in the ultra-competitive York Region Soccer League.  Showing that they could stand their ground against tough opposition, the northerners jumped out to an early lead and eventually held their opponents to a 1-1 draw.  Finally, in their third game of the day, the girls put down the Stouffville Mustangs, the other tournament finalist, by a score of 2-1.

Their undefeated record put them into the semi-finals on Sunday morning, against Unionville once more.  Once again North Bay jumped out to an early lead, but once again Unionville was able to come back and square the game at 1-1.  This time however, the dreaded shoot-out was required to solve the stalemate.  Unfortunately for the Selects, they fell short in this round and were soon headed home to sunny North Bay.  However, the success they enjoyed gave them a sense of having done their club and city proud.

The U13 Girls Selects are led by head coach Sam Tignanelli, with assistants Carola Maisonneuve and Dave Kervin.  Manager Brian McTiernan keeps the team on time and schedule.  Players include Julia Einarson, Tianna Maisonneuve, Madison Desmarais, Nava Potter, Mia Cochrane, Holly Haines, Giulia Backer, Roxanne Rochon, Zenna Hilliard, Lauren McTiernan, Emma Jennings and Caitlyne Kerwin.  

Special call-ups for this tournament included Dayna Kelly from the Bracebridge S.C. and Sarah Karpenko from the North Bay Youth Soccer Club.  Both girls were outstanding despite being relatively unfamiliar with the team.

July 24, 2013

This past weekend saw the North Bay Selects 2002 Girls Soccer Club go undefeated at the “Kickin it on the Moraine” soccer tournament in Oak Ridges near Richmond Hill. 

The Selects finished the event with 2 wins and 2 draws in 4 games. 

The 10-team tournament format allowed only the top 2 teams to qualify for the championship game. 

However, the brightest spot was a 1-1 draw against the Guelph Royals Blue team, which didn't allow any other team to score against them as they captured the tournament title. 

Coach Sam Tignanelli has been overwhelmed with the commitment and dedication of these girls and their parents, which has been a huge contributing factor to their early success. 

With the team’s goal of being able to compete with GTA teams and others from southern Ontario, the girls kept this goal attainable, knowing how far behind they are in their development compared to their southern counterparts. 

The 2002 Selects Girls were assembled into a competitive team 9 months ago, in contrast to most of their competitors that have been playing at this level for 3-5 years now, and in most cases training year-round. 

Team officials say their club has exponentially closed the gap in such a short time.

It was amazing to watch the desire these girls had to keep the ball out of their own net before concerning themselves with scoring on the opponents! 

Team members include: 

Front row: Caitlyne Kervin 
Middle row: Giulia Backer, Holly Haines, Jenny Tripp, Payton Sproule, Zenna Hilliard 
Back row: Tianna Maisonneuve, Madison Desmarais, Mia Cochran, Tikvah Tignanelli, Lauren McTiernan, Roxanne Rochon, Emily Mah
Staff: Carola Maisonneuve, Brian McTiernan, Sam Tignanelli, Dave Kervin 
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